The charms can be added onto a hoop earring, on a bracelet or necklace using the connectors. 

This jewellery range is versatile and long lasting due to the infinite possible combinations! 

Suitable for all ages and occasions!

The charms are made of Gold plated brass, with encrusted zircon. Zircon is a synthesised man-made crystalline material, that is colourless and flawless, and looks very similar to a diamond with its brilliance and crystal clarity. It is a natural and magnificent element which has been worned since ancient times.
It looks wonderful in jewellery and come in many colours. 

The charms come in variety of motifs, Owl charm,  thunderbolt charm, star charm, moon charm, smiley face charm, evil eye charm, dove charm, bat charm, gecko charm, turtle charm, Moon charm, leaf charm, gun charm, bee charm, fan charm, cherries charm, dolphin charm, frog charm, conch shell charm, dragonfly charm, pink ladybird charm, all the letters in the alphabet charms.

This jewellery Collection is from Emilia by Bon Dep.

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