Guest Towels with Embroideries


These towels show such exquisite needlework! It’s all about the embroidery, mostly for the intricate thread paintings and renderings of botanical subjects. In these designs, layers of threads are set and blended to create very stunning and realistic results, both classical and traditional.  Sally and Anna are running this family tradition originally created by their grandmother. 

These beautiful motifs are machine embroidered on 100% linen guest towels.

The motifs on the guest towels range from beautiful sea themed items such as Fish, Jellyfish, Octopus, Turtles, Pheasant, Rooster, Oat, Horse, Rabbit, Acorns.

The tropical animals are Macaw, Jaguar, or Monkey.

 Many flowers are also embroidered on the towels such as Geranium, Amaryllis, Agapanthus, Iris, Artichoke, Magnolia and Tulip.

A few Christmas motifs are also available, Santa, a Bell or a Wreath.

Guest towels for all usage and occasions!

Care Instructions: Machine Wash, lay flat to dry and finish with a hot, steamy iron. 

Linen Guest Towel are 35.5 x 50.8cm  (14"x20")




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